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The Fundraising Group who took on the task of hosting a big event titled 'The Black & White Formal Inaugural Ball' initiated by Dana de Milo who called upon the expertise of Jennifer Edwards, as well as Riki Love, Karen and Peri Te Wao.

We asked for nothing except the opportunity to promote the Trust named after our dearest friend, mentor, whaea - The Chrissy Witoko Memorial Trust. This was our contribution and commitment to our friend.

With our group established - we set out planning, networking, liaising, communicating and negotiating with many people from many communities to bring together an event that would be remembered by many for many years to come.

We especially planned to make this event an event that even dear Chrissy Witoko herself would be proud of....We believe this was achieved!

Keeping the focus on the Ball and not letting anything deter us - we worked extremely well and with determination to fundraise, promote, and unite.

Your hostesses Jennifer Edwards, Riki Love, Dana de Milo, and Karen Te Wao


Our initial visit to Pipitea Marae - trying it out for size....Dana and Jennifer give their approval!

What a Venue!

On Tuesday 15th February - we visited Pipitea Marae....scoping it for the event and all the trimmings to be considered - we were very excited about our choice, and even more excited about securing the amazing venue.